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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Johnny Gruelle

Daniel Merriam

'Gift for the Unicorn King'
'Garden of Serenity'

Maxine Gadd

Beauxbaton girls arrive at Hogwarts

The postman

Miss Potter

Nanny McPhee

Fairy Grotto

John Anster Fitzgerald

michal negrin

dance of the sugar plum fairy

'have courage and be kind'

Maxine Gadd
Steve A Roberts


Olga Cornacchia

Willy Pogany

'Boat to Fairyland'
Margeret W Tarrant

We are all God's creatures, we all deserve love and kindness. Animals are just like us, they feel pain, loneliness, they feel sorrow, they cry and they respond to love and kindness. They have no voice,
but we do. Let's all be a voice for them.

'Practical Magic'
'True Love Spell'

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