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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Daniel Merriam

Maxine Gadd

Fairy Grotto

John Anster Fitzgerald

michal negrin

dance of the sugar plum fairy

'have courage and be kind'

Maxine Gadd


If you want to know how this polar bear feels,
lock yourself in a tiny room for a day, then understand that this will forever be your life.
Only then will you know what this poor creature
and many others like her feel.

Pizza the polar bear's story.
How would you feel if this was you?

No living creature deserves to live like this.
Taken away from her parents, never to see them again. Trapped in the middle of a shopping mall in China - Nowhere to hide from people taking photos – people banging on the windows and shouting at her - flashlights from cameras
constantly blinding her. 
Please sign the petition and share animalsasia.org
Pizza is just one of the millions of animals around the world being cruelly abused for man's profit. Please let's all do something to stop this abuse. Become an animal's rights activist.
There's no greater gift than freedom and helping others. Criminals are caged for committing crimes,
animals commit no crimes, yet they are
caged and abused.

We are all God's creatures, we all deserve love and kindness. Animals are just like us, they feel pain, loneliness, they feel sorrow, they cry and they respond to love and kindness. They have no voice,
but we do. Let's all be a voice for them.

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